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(Note: Pico-8 does not embed well on itch.io. Scroll down for a link to play this game on Github.)

A game for the Super Love Jam based on this tumblr post. As someone who identifies on the asexuality spectrum it made me laugh to think of a game that defies the common meaning for the colloquialism "thirsty" and is literally about being thirsty and just trying to get a drink. I went into creating this game with these core ideas in mind:

  • Make the game in Pico-8
  • Make the game quickly and iterate quickly to practice my fundamental Lua knowledge
  • Practice my sprite skills by mimicking very common symbols (emoji)
  • Have a "complete" (playable) game by the end of the weekend
  • Make a cute little music loop for the intro screen

I think I succeeded in accomplishing these goals. Hope you enjoy playing my little game!



Play this game on Github

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